LOL Shock! Boys Arcade Heroes Motion Determine Doll with 15 Surprises


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Get able to stage up and unleash max energy with L.O.L. Shock! Boys Arcade Heroes™. These fierce motion figures are available a hero go well with with an all-new L.O.L. Shock!™ Boys character or ultra-rare woman character inside. Unbox 15 surprises! Insert the token into the arcade recreation bundle to open the bundle and reveal a futuristic, 6-piece hero go well with. Unbox the go well with piece-by-piece to disclose the L.O.L. Shock!™ Boys doll beneath. As soon as you have unboxed your doll, gown him in his included shock trend, sneakers and equipment. He additionally features a collectible buying and selling card! Can you discover the Extremely-Uncommon L.O.L. Shock!™ woman character? All boys dolls are anatomically appropriate. Acquire all 6.

  • Boy dolls are anatomically appropriate.
  • Unbox 15 surprises together with a motion determine hero go well with with L.O.L. Shock! Boys Arcade Heroes™.
  • Insert token to open the arcade recreation packaging. Inside, discover doll in its hero go well with, able to be unboxed. Unbox the hero go well with piece-by-piece to disclose your doll.
  • 15 surprises! (1-6) 6 piece Hero Go well with; (7) buying and selling card, (8) bottle, (9) accent, (10) lingerie, (11) outfit, (12) sneakers, (13) token, (14) arcade bundle and (15) L.O.L. Shock!™ Boys doll or ultra-rare woman character.
  • Feed or bathe doll to find water surprises, together with colour change!
  • Acquire all 6, together with 1 ultra-rare woman character.