Hi there! My name is Suzi! I am a 4th grader who loves making art. My parents discovered my passion for making fun, cute, and inspiring art at a very young age. At first, I just wanted to make new friends and express how I felt with my artwork. Many people who meet me say that I am very talented and smart for my age. But for me, nothing compares to having a new friend and letting them know how important they are to me. I love playing and taking care of all kinds of animals and even playing with different people in Roblox. So having fun and exploring my imagination with friends has been a great inspiration for me. The bond made spending with people inspires my art to have a connection and a bond to the people seeing it. I want to inspire and express my emotions in the art that people can feel and enjoy with their loved ones. I want everyone to experience my imaginative, sweet, and outgoing self with the different artworks I made with passion from my heart. I am aiming for a goal where I can have my own business and do what I love. I am humbly inviting you to Suzi’s Toy Store! Together let’s have fun!