Magic Mixies Mixlings Faucet & Reveal Cauldron


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“””Magicus Mixus!”” Get able to make actual magic and uncover the world of Magic Mixies Mixlings, a cute new breed of Magic Mixies so that you can conjure up! Full the magical unboxing to find which 2 Mixlings you have got created with the Faucet & Reveal Cauldron. Begin making magic by lifting off the Cauldron’s lid to search out your magic wands. Rub the Cauldron’s magic gem to disclose what sort of Mixlings you may magically discover inside – will they be Widespread, Uncommon or Extremely-Uncommon? Now faucet your magic Wand to the rim of the Cauldron and say the magic phrases ‘Magicus Mixus’ and…wow! 2 Mixlings have magically appeared within the Cauldron! Every Mixling has particular magical powers which might be activated with the included magnetic, glow at nighttime or pippette wand. Will you discover an Enchanter, who charms you with their enchanting eyes, a Flier who reveals their stunning wings whenever you place your wand close to their gem, a Morphling who can change their form, a Vanisher who disappears earlier than your eyes or a Spellster who lights up the evening as they make themselves brilliant! Mischievous and magical, Mixlings are a lot enjoyable as you solid spells and unlock other ways they play. Share the magic along with your family and friends by repeating the magic Cauldron reveal time and again! And on the finish of the day you should use the magic Cauldron to retailer your Mixling and different trinkets. With over 40 little magic toy Mixlings to create and gather all through Collection 1, there are such a lot of magical moments to find with Mixlings! “