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‘Rain’ by Yusuke Hanai x AllRightsReserved

Japanese artist Yusuke Hanai continues his collaboration with AllRightsReserved on the brand new Rain sculpture. Merely titled, the piece options one among Hanai’s acquainted male characters in the midst of a downpour, fingers clutching the collar of his inexperienced parka. Whereas the piece appears to have a barely weary vibe to it, the artist has expressed his hope that every viewer enjoys the work from their very own perspective. Hanai provides that “Rainy days never stay.”

An version of 500, the Rain mixed-media set (15″ w/base is out there for preorder by way of lottery from DDT Retailer for HK$11,775 ($1510). The deadline to enter is Sunday (1.23) at 9 PM PDT. The determine is predicted to ship throughout February 2022. As with Hanai’s earlier AllRightsReserved releases, Rain is available in a printed wooden field.

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