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Sharks of the World Field Set (Colorata)

Overview and pictures by JimoAi; edited by bmathison1972

Completely happy Shark Week to everybody who loves sharks! That is the time of 12 months the place TV packages exit of their strategy to showcase shark-based packages, most notably Discovery Channel and Nationwide Geographic. These packages assist open the doorways to information on these animals and assist most people perceive, as a substitute of worry, these misunderstood creatures, though some packages could over sensationalize moderately than give true info. Through the years, many firms have produced shark toys and figures of various high quality, which incorporates units of miniature tube-sized figures that includes numerous sharks and typically rays; these are nice for youngsters as they’re principally cheap and introduce them to the assorted species in a better approach, in addition to for collectors who’ve restricted area. Essentially the most notable collections within the West are these by Ok&M Worldwide (Wild Republic) and Safari Ltd., each of that are older units, and the sculpts and paint are lower than right this moment’s requirements. Safari’s maintains good when it comes to high quality as toys, and their newer TOOBs have seen an enchancment when it comes to accuracy to the actual animals and extra element in sculpt and paint. Right this moment’s topic is the Colorata Sharks of the World set, which was launched in 2004 and the Japanese counterpart to the Sharks TOOB of Safari Ltd. This set options 12 figures: 8 sharks and 4 rays, and are concerning the measurement of bigger TOOB figures just like the Safari Ltd.’s Prehistoric Sharks TOOB, and comes packaged in a purple software box-like package deal with a deal with for simpler transportation. A disclaimer: I should not have the accompanying field and booklet as I bought this set secondhand. This isn’t the one sharks assortment by Colorata; earlier I reviewed the Deluxe Sharks of the World field set.

With out additional ado, let’s check out the figures within the set in alphabetical order by English title.

Blacktip reef shark (Carcharhinus melanopterus)
Dimension of determine: 8cm
Dimension of animal: 91-200 cm for a big feminine, though usually averages round 160 cm
Scale: 1:11.5-1:25
Species frequency in being made: uncommon
Most well-liked habitat: Coral reefs however could enter brackish and freshwater
Weight loss program: fish, mollusks and crustaceans:
IUCN standing: Susceptible
Among the many most typical shark in captivity as a result of its comparatively small measurement and typical shark like physique plan, the blacktip reef shark is a well-liked species each in bigger personal and public aquariums. The determine is painted in a brownish gray with 2 tons of gray earlier than reaching the white stomach. As with all figures within the set, this shark is a feminine as a result of lack of claspers. As its namesake, the shark options blacktips on the fins are highlighted in a light-weight gray coloration, though the blacktip appears to be omitted on the left aspect of the second dorsal fin on my copy. The eyes do look a bit stylised like a lot of the figures, but it surely’s a really minor subject. The mouth is closed with lips hiding the tooth. This species has been made by Papo, Schleich, CollectA, Kaiyodo, Mojö Enjoyable and Ok&M Worldwide thus far. Nonetheless a cute ‘lil rascal of the set.

Blue shark (Prionace glauca)
Dimension of determine: 7.8 cm
Dimension of animal: 170-400 cm
Scale: 1:22-1:51
Species frequency in being made: unusual
Most well-liked habitat: temperate and tropical waters within the open ocean, though it prefers cooler waters
Weight loss program: fish, different sharks, squid, pelagic crustaceans, sea birds
IUCN standing: Close to Threatened
Essentially the most widespread pelagic shark, this species will get its widespread title from its bluish coloration. Regardless of their look and similarity to the mako sharks, they’re unrelated, and the blue shark is classed as a requiem shark moderately than a mackerel shark. The determine itself is moderately slender with the blue coloration that offers the fish its title. Earlier than the white underbelly and on the pelvic fins, there’s a bluish inexperienced streak dividing the counter-shaded blue and inexperienced which I believed was bizarre, as photos I’ve seen of the shark present the dividing streak extra of a greyish coloration. The pose seems to be considerably static. Regardless of being among the many bigger species within the set, it is without doubt one of the smallest figures. The truth is, the blacktip reef shark determine is bigger than in when in actuality, the blue shark can get twice the size of the reef shark and weigh heavier. A minor nitpick, however on the identical time this might be a youthful blue shark. The determine contains a tail keel additionally, just like lamniforms though not as pronounced. One other odd element is that I want the determine had a extra metallic sheen to it, because it ought to being an open water species. This species has been made by Safari Ltd., twice by Schleich (however each retired), Bullyland, in addition to a small determine made by Yowie Group. There seems to be to be a manufacturing facility error on my determine, as a flake of plastic is obscuring one of many gill slits of this determine, which made me suppose it has 4 slits at first till I took a take a look at the opposite aspect, which has 5.

Bowmouth guitarfish (Rhina ancylostoma)
Dimension of determine: 7.8 cm
Dimension of animal: 150-300cm for a mature specimen
Scale: 1:19-1:39, though 1:10-1:15 is extra acceptable because it resembles a sub-adult specimen
Species frequency in being made: Uncommon
Most well-liked habitat: Coastal areas and coral reefs
Weight loss program: small fish, crustaceans, and mollusks
IUCN standing: Critically Endangered
An unmistakable species, the bowmouth guitarfish appears to be essentially the most represented guitarfish, and among the many hottest ray figures, to be made, probably as a result of it additionally being generally known as the shark ray. A well-liked species in public aquariums, it has been identified to efficiently reproduce in captivity, which it’s to be hoped will assist the struggling wild populations. The determine is painted in with an olive brown most important physique and a white underbelly with a darker brown mid-body with darker gray spots on the face and white spots on the decrease half on the stomach. Adults are a paler greyish to grey-brown coloration whereas youthful fish are a darker brownish-grey with darker patches as seen on the determine. The determine appears to be missing within the ridges on the eyes which is typical of the species. They’re, nonetheless, faintly current on the again of the top, though they might be extra pronounced. The eyes are only a easy white with black pupils, like most figures within the set, however the actual animal has a extra ‘u-shaped’ pupil. Other than the minor inaccuracies, the opposite key options are current: a keel on the tail, 5 gill slits, the nostrils, a weirdly-shaped mouth on the underside, spiracles on the highest close to each eyes, and a flattened underside akin to rays. The species has been additionally made by Kaiyodo, Safari Ltd. (a juvenile), CollectA, and Schleich.

Nice white shark (Carcharodon carcharias)
Dimension of determine: 10.6 cm
Dimension of animal: 450-640 cm
Scale: 1:43-1:60
Species frequency in being made: Quite common
Most well-liked habitat: Coastal and offshore waters within the open ocean, often removed from land
Weight loss program: bony fish, different sharks, rays, cephalopods, pelagic crustaceans, small cetaceans, pinnipeds, sea birds, carrion
IUCN standing: Susceptible
Arguably the preferred fish species, it wants no introduction. Regardless of their fearsome look, people will not be on the menu of this megafish. Most assaults are accomplished by youthful, inexperienced sharks that may’t inform people other than their most popular prey. The determine is the second largest within the set, becoming for the biggest predatory fish alive right this moment. The determine is painted with a darkish gray high with a white underbelly, with a lighter gray boarder separating the darkish and lightweight elements of the physique, in addition to with a really darkish gray spotlight on the primary dorsal, caudal, and pectoral fins and on the tip of the pelvic fins; nonetheless, black suggestions are absent on the pectoral fins. The gill slits are appropriately tall for the species and there’s a lateral keel which I really feel is properly pronounced. The snout is appropriately pointy, with the eyes being totally black. The tooth will not be individually sculpted, however for a determine this small and for the time that this determine is made, it’s moderately forgivable. It’s far superior to the Wild Republic and Safari Ltd. miniatures, though it’s going through tough competitors with its up to date counterpart from the newer shark field, Safari’s up to date TOOB shark, and the Kaiyodo Choco Q figures. As this species has been made numerous occasions, the figures of this species which are correct are Schleich’s 2013 and 2018 figures, Safari’s 2016 Wild Safari Sealife and 2019 TOOB figures, Colorata’s Sharks of the World Deluxe field set and museum fashions, and the Papo model (in addition to the Papo megalodon that does really feel extra like a fantastic White shark determine).

Japanese bullhead shark (Heterodontus japonicus)
Dimension of determine: 7 cm
Dimension of animal: 69-120 cm
Scale: 1:10-1:17
Species frequency in being made: uncommon
Most well-liked habitat: close to the shores of continental shelf, round rocky reefs
Weight loss program: small fish, crustaceans, mollusks, and urchins
IUCN standing: Least Concern
One of many only a few bullhead shark species made, with the zebra bullhead being made by Play Visions and the Port Jackson being made by Ok&M Worldwide, it’s a welcome addition! Curiously, the title of this species interprets to catshark in Japanese, which is odd contemplating bullhead sharks and catsharks have virtually nothing in widespread. The determine is in a resting pose since this species doesn’t swim a lot; nonetheless, the physique is barely bent. The determine options the cutesy mouth which, regardless of the looks, is properly tailored to crushing hard-shelled prey, and is painted black on this determine. The colour scheme contains of a chocolate brown most important physique and a white underbelly with reddish brown bands ending in a cream coloration, which I really feel ought to’ve continued across the width of the determine as a substitute of breaking it up at both aspect of the physique. The gill slits are laborious to pick, nonetheless. There’s gray outlines on all of the fins and the long-lasting dorsal spines are included, however I want they had been painted and lower barely from the dorsal fin to separate the fins and the spines. The attention must be u-shaped, however no less than the pupil is oval moderately than a generic round pupil. The tail appears somewhat odd, even for this species. It ought to have a bigger floor space than what’s seen within the determine. Nonetheless a cute little determine, and obscure sharks are all the time welcome! Different figures of this species consists of the 2002 Ocean Kingdom model by Colorata (which I really feel the newer one is a downgrade), Takara Tomy (a juvenile) for his or her shark gashapon set, Eikoh for his or her Miniatureplanet line, and For Company for his or her Aquarium Unique shark set.

Leopard whipray (Himantura undulata)
Dimension of determine: 4.9 cm broad and 10 cm lengthy
Dimension of animal: 80-130 cm broad and 410 cm lengthy
Scale: 1:16-1:26
Species frequency in being made: distinctive
Most well-liked habitat: inshore waters with comfortable substrate, sandy and muddy flats, lagoons, brackish estuaries, and mangrove swamps
Weight loss program: benthic fish and crustaceans
IUCN standing: Endangered
Often known as honeycomb whiprays, the genus Himantura initially comprised of a single species. Additional analysis means that there are actually 3 separate species of leopard whiprays, regardless of being related in measurement, form, and coloration. I’m not sure of the precise species of this determine, thus I’ve positioned it because the initially described species, H. undulata. They get their title from the leopard-like spots on the again and the actually lengthy tail. Nowadays they’re comparatively widespread in public aquariums; nonetheless, there isn’t one other determine of this huge spectacular ray made by one other firm. I really feel this determine is the weakest within the lot, as outdoors of the correct whip like tail, correct white underbelly with the correct amount of gill slits, correct placement of the nostrils and mouth, presence of a stinger (that’s blunt however could be forgiven as a result of security), in addition to the correctly-shaped eyes and the spiracle opening behind both eyes, the opposite most important distinguishing options might have be executed so much higher: the determine must be flatter, the wing like fins must be extra diamond-shaped moderately than round, the eyes are sloppily painted giving it a generic circle eye (as a substitute of oval eyes with a u-shaped pupil), the spots must be brown moderately than black (however no less than they bought the leopard-like spots proper), and the yellow most important physique must be extra of a golden brown coloration primarily based on the photographs and specimens I’ve seen. A novel species with a more-to-be-desired execution and I hope an organization can provide this huge ray justice with a definitive standard-sized determine.

Reef manta ray (Mobula alfredi)
Dimension of determine: 8.9 cm broad, 8.8 cm lengthy
Dimension of animal: 370-550 cm broad
Scale: 1:41-1:61
Species frequency in being made: Uncommon
Most well-liked habitat: Coral and rocky reefs, coastlines, tropical island teams, lagoons and atolls
Weight loss program: zooplankton and different microorganisms
IUCN standing: Susceptible
Mantas are essentially the most recognizable and most commonly-made rays in determine type, being featured in virtually each single determine line that has a ray in it. What many individuals don’t know, is that there are 2 distinct species of manta: the reef manta (Mobula alfredi) and the enormous oceanic manta (M. birostris). This determine relies on the reef manta as a result of lack of a vestigial stinger, scattered black ventral spots extending previous the gills, smaller gill-to-body ratio, and the shoulder markings being a ‘y-shape’; nonetheless, all options may have exceptions between each species, besides the vestigial stinger being an indicator of the enormous oceanic manta. These rays have the biggest brain-to-body ratio of any marine fish and thus are very clever, even being able to self consciousness. This determine is appropriately the biggest of the rays within the set and among the many bigger figures within the set, alongside the tiger shark, nice white, and whale shark. The principle physique is a really darkish gray, virtually black, coloration with a lighter gray shoulder markings and different patterns on the highest, which might be distinctive to each particular person, like human fingerprints. The underbelly and the trademark cephalic fins are a shiny white and the inside of the mouth is a darkish gray coloration. It’s additionally price noting that this determine scales properly with the 2018 Safari Ltd. big oceanic manta ray, which does assist present a software in educating between the 2 species. Colorata has made a reef manta for his or her Museum Mannequin line; nonetheless, whereas the colours is in step with the reef manta, the vestigial stinger helps an ID of a large oceanic (possibly it may be seen as a hybrid). CollectA, Schleich (2013), and Eikoh have since made reef mantas; to my information the others are both big oceanic or generic mantas.

Sand tiger shark (Carcharias taurus)
Dimension of determine: 9.2 cm
Dimension of animal: 220-330 cm
Scale: 1:24-1:35
Species frequency in being made: uncommon
Most well-liked habitat: inshore waters round reefs, bays, and close to the continental shelf
Weight loss program: bony fish, different sharks, rays, squid, crabs and lobsters
IUCN standing: Critically Endangered
Maybe the preferred giant shark in public aquariums as a result of its hardiness, it’s an acceptable determine to be featured on this set. Regardless of its fearsome look, this shark is docile except provoked. This species is the one identified shark to gulp air on the floor, which helps it float mid water with out utilizing an excessive amount of effort to swim so as to stalk prey. The determine itself is my favourite in the complete set, as I keep in mind being terrified of those sharks on the aquarium after I was little. I’ve discovered to marvel at these lovely and misunderstood creatures. The determine is painted brown on the highest which is metallic akin to the later Safari Ltd. mannequin, which I am keen on, with a white underbelly and greyish brown to divide the brown from the white. The tooth will not be individually sculpted, as it’s laborious to copy the needle-like tooth. There are gray spots scattered alongside the mid part, though some are too giant, and there’s a gray tip/outlines on all fins. The pupil of this shark might be smaller to offer it a extra menacing look; nonetheless, key options like the two dorsal fins being virtually the identical measurement and moderately quick gill slits seal the deal of this being my favourite. Bullyland, Kaiyodo, Maia & Borges, and Safari Ltd. have all made figures of this shark.

Scalloped hammerhead shark (Sphyrna lewini)
Dimension of determine: 9.2 cm
Dimension of animal: 140-430 cm
Species frequency in being made: Unusual
Most well-liked habitat: Coastal heat temperate and tropical waters
Weight loss program: bony fish, cephalopods, crustaceans, different sharks, rays
IUCN standing: Critically Endangered
Arguably essentially the most recognizable shark as a result of unusual wanting head, which regardless of its odd look, is a really efficient software in serving to it hunt its favourite prey: stingrays. Scalloped hammerheads are distinguished by the bumps on the top, resembling a kidney, as properly has having a extra rounded and blunt first dorsal fin. These sharks have very advanced and enormous brains with excessive ranges of cognitive skills, social intelligence, sensorimotor capabilities, intricate migrations, advanced habitat relationships, and athletic seize of prey, which aids them of their education conduct and isn’t given credit score as a result of common public fearing sharks. Whereas hammerheads are generally made, it’s all the time the large 3 that will get made: scalloped, nice and clean, and since all 3 have very distinct bodily options, getting actual species is difficult as they could be a chimaera at occasions. The scalloped hammerhead thus far has essentially the most figures and toys whereas the sleek has the least out of the large 3. The determine is painted in a metallic bronze coloration which actual scalloped Hammerheads can have, together with greyish brown or grey. The underbelly is white and the pectoral fins characteristic the everyday black suggestions current in lots of sharks. There are gray highlights on the dorsal and pectoral fins and a darker gray on the underside of the caudal fin. He head is appropriately formed with the kidney-like ridges, which permit it to be identifiable as a scalloped hammerhead, and the mouth is low slung. The pectoral fins are appropriately broad like in the actual fish, and the dorsal fin is rounded and the caudal fin is lengthy. Among the many finest executed within the set. The scalloped hammerhead has been made by Colorata beforehand within the Ocean Kingdom set, Kaiyodo, Papo, CollectA, Favourite Co., and Schleich as a Completely happy Meal toy, which appears to be a modified model of their nice hammerhead; Papo one is well the very best out of the bunch.

Noticed eagle ray (Aetobatus narinari)
Dimension of determine: 5.4 cm broad, 6.6 cm lengthy
Dimension of animal: 110-230 cm broad
Scale: 1:20-1:42
Species frequency in being made: unusual
Most well-liked habitat: coastal habitats, reefs
Weight loss program: mollusks, crustaceans, and small fish
IUCN standing: Endangered
Just like the manta rays and leopard whiprays, the noticed eagle ray was initially thought-about a single species, till extra thorough analysis has urged there are 3 species divided by the geographical ranges. For simplicity, I’m going to determine that is the unique described species, Aetobatus narinari. These rays are a typical sight in public aquariums, particularly when the system isn’t ample to accommodate the mantas or different Mobula species. Not counting rays from the Mobulidae or the sawfish, these rays are the biggest, particularly A. ocellatus which might have a wingspan as much as 300 cm and a physique size 500 cm lengthy together with the lengthy whip-like tail. A. narinari and the opposite species A. laticeps max out at a smaller but spectacular 230 cm wingspan. Within the accuracy division, this little determine ticks off a majority of the packing containers: the long-lasting duck-like invoice rostrum, an correct coloration scheme of a black high of the principle physique and tail with a white underbelly with gray tips about the pectoral fins, the smallish eyes with the ray spiracles behind both eyes (though the attention paint is sloppy on this determine), the mouth and nostrils are the right form with a bizarre w-shape for the mouth, the gill slits are appropriately tiny for this species, as as is the tiny dorsal fin, and the inclusion of a stinger on the finish of the tail (which is clearly shortened however does appear like it except you’ve measured it). Minor complaints when it comes to accuracy are that there must be extra white going previous half of the peak of the eyes and I do want the determine was greater with a bigger wingspan. This determine options many options that different figures of this species fail to recreate. Different figures of this species embrace these by Kaiyodo for his or her Aquatales line, Safari Ltd. (which has the fallacious coloration scheme, solely 4 gill silts, and the physique needing to be extra flattened), Mojö Enjoyable (which lacks a dorsal fin and the pelvic fins are approach too massive and the pectoral fins are approach too skinny; additionally this determine is a greater consultant of M. ocellatus), and Kitan Membership (a bizarre standing however moderately correct determine). There’s an enlarged model of this determine though some options don’t translate properly throughout enlargement, and I actually want an organization would simply make a definitive standard-sized noticed eagle ray determine.

Tiger shark (Galeocerdo cuvier)
Dimension of determine: 10.1 cm
Dimension of animal: 210-500cm, could also be as much as 750 cm (though unconfirmed)
Scale: 1:20-1:49, 1:74 for the unconfirmed 750 cm estimate
Species frequency in being made: widespread
Most well-liked habitat: tropical and temperate waters
Weight loss program: widest meals spectrum of any shark, together with bony fish, different sharks, rays, cephalopods, crustaceans, jellyfish, sea turtles, sea snakes, dolphins, pinnepeds, seabirds, and inanimate objects like license plates and different human rubbish thrown into the ocean
IUCN standing: Close to Threatened
The biggest of the requiem sharks (the nice hammerhead is longer however doesn’t attain shut the identical weight because the tiger shark). The shark bought its title from the tiger-like stripes, that are extra distinguished in juveniles and fade because the shark ages. They’re extra prone to chunk people as a result of their curious nature of take a look at biting out. They’re an unusual species in public aquariums as a result of their giant measurement and aggressive nature, particularly to smaller animals. The Georgia Aquarium homes these sharks and the Okinawa Aquarium has been in a position to breed them efficiently. The determine itself is painted with a grey most important physique with a brownish-gray spotlight and vertical strips, which might counsel a sub-adult or an grownup specimen, and a white underbelly. The stripes prolong previous the gills and finish on the highest of the caudal fin and there are darkish grey highlights on all fins. The mouth is open; nonetheless, the tooth will not be individually sculpted. I do want the dorsal fin was a tad shorter as tiger sharks have extra of a brief and broad dorsal fin moderately than a taller one. Colorata bought the bigger high of the caudal fin proper as they’ve sculpted the low keel on the bottom of the tail. I do really feel the snout is a bit too sharp as tiger sharks have squarish snouts, and this makes the determine appear like an outsized bull shark. Additionally, the anal fin must be a tad greater as in life (the Safari Ltd. TOOB tiger shark has this characteristic higher executed), accurately as giant because the second dorsal fin. I would favor the attention to be all black like the nice white as the attention seems to be too derpy on this determine. Different figures of this species embrace these by CollectA, three by Safari Ltd. (the aforementioned TOOB determine, Wild Safari Sealife, and Monterey Bay Aquarium), two retired variations by Schleich, an up to date determine by Colorata for his or her Deluxe Sharks of the World field, Kaiyodo (Capsule Q Museum Okinawa Wildlife set), and Chap Mei (solely the respectable and correct ones are talked about).

Whale shark (Rhincodon typus)
Dimension of determine: 12.7 cm
Dimension of animal: 900-1200 cm for a typical mature feminine, unconfirmed reviews of 2000 cm females
Scale: 1:70-1:94, 1:157 for the enormous 2000 cm reviews
Species frequency in being made: Widespread
Most well-liked habitat: Tropical and heat temperate oceans, close to reefs and within the open ocean
Weight loss program: Small fish, fish eggs, zooplankton, krill, jellyfish
IUCN standing: Endangered
The biggest animal alive right this moment that isn’t a whale, it’s becoming that the whale shark is the biggest determine within the set. Regardless of this, they’re innocent to people except when close to their highly effective tail, and have been efficiently saved in aquariums giant sufficient to accommodate this fish, together with the Georgia Aquarium and the Okinawa Aquarium. This whale shark is painted with a bluish most important physique with a white underbelly. Actual whale sharks are bluish, greyish, brownish, and even black, so the colour scheme works. The enduring checkerboard patterns comprising of vertical stripes and spots of various sizes scattered from head to the tail are painted in a bluish coloration from the top to the gills whereas they’re painted a greyish coloration for the remainder of the physique. The pinnacle is the right squarish form when seen from the highest. The mouth is partially open and the inside is painted in a pale pink coloration. The attention does look a bit too massive, however then once more this might be a youthful particular person, and there’s a spiracle sculpted behind the attention. The mid-body ridges are current and the fins look to be within the appropriate form and proportions: the dorsal fins being considerably rounded and the crescent-shaped tail to propel this huge animal. Thankfully, there are not any shortages of whale shark figures, regardless of not being the everyday menacing predatory shark, together with these by CollectA, Safari Ltd. (Monterey Bay Aquarium and Wild Safari Sealife fashions), Schleich, Maia & Borges, and Mojö Enjoyable, Kaiyodo (a number of, though they’re on the smaller aspect), Takara Tomy (with a black coloration scheme), and Papo (each a juvenile and grownup, the latter of which is the very best whale shark determine).

Total, that is the very best tube/box-style shark set for each kids and grownup collectors alike. Not solely included are a big number of sharks, but in addition numerous rays. This set remains to be in manufacturing after 18 years and whereas some designs could now be as much as right this moment’s (or to different Japanese determine) requirements, total the set remains to be similar to Safari Ltd’s newer TOOBs. The set retails for about 2750 yen, though it was once cheaper (inflation is a factor). There was an replace to this set within the type of the 2011 Sharks of the World Deluxe field set, by which the nice white, tiger, and whale sharks have gotten up to date figures. The remainder of set options much less however extra obscure species like deep sea sharks; nonetheless, the rays are omitted so I’d moderately get each units collectively. That’s the tip of the evaluation and I hope you guys proceed to coach yourselves and others about these majestic but misunderstood beings and to respect and never worry them! I wish to give a shout out to fellow discussion board member Brett for serving to me get this set by way of his proxy service earlier this 12 months.

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