Croc had the best variety of deaths and worst KDA in LOUD

A LOUD was eradicated from Worlds 2023 after dropping to GAM this Saturday (14). One of many gamers who didn’t carry out effectively within the collection was Croc, a jungler who additionally obtained some criticism in earlier video games.

That is the third consecutive worldwide match during which LOUD participates and, consequently, Croc’s third. The participant not solely had the LOUD’s worst KDA on this matchin addition to the your individual worst KDA in worldwide tournaments. Moreover, he was additionally the participant with essentially the most deaths.

Croc’s KDA in worldwide tournaments

  • Worlds 2022: KDA of two.4
  • MSI 2023: KDA of two.3
  • Worlds Play-In 2023: KDA 1.3

It’s price noting that LOUD performed the identical variety of matches in Worlds 2023 and MSI 2023. Within the LoL 2023 Worlds, the participant’s greatest KDA was recorded in his match with Nocturne, in opposition to GAM, on the primary day of the match.

See all of the champions Croc performed within the match:

  • Viego – 1/1/5 (Victory)
  • Night time – 3/3/11 (Victory)
  • Sejuani – 1/6/8 (Defeat)
  • Kha’Zix – 1/6/0 (Defeat)
  • Lee Sin – 3/7/4 (Defeat)
  • Jarvan IV – 1/7/2 (Defeat)
(Picture: Disclosure/LoL)

Croc had the best LOUD kills at Worlds 2023

Croc’s low KDA outcomes from the mix of a low variety of kills with a excessive variety of deaths, totaling 30. As already talked about, he was the LOUD participant who died essentially the most; see the listing:

  • Croc: 30 kills
  • Robo: 26 deaths
  • Ceos: 23 deaths
  • Tinowns: 14 mortes
  • Highway: 13 useless

Particular person efficiency of LOUD gamers


  • Olaf: 1/7/1
  • Aatrox: 2/6/3
  • Malphite: 0/5/0
  • Renekton: 5/4/4
  • KSante: 8/3/7
  • Renekton: 2/2/8


  • Jarvan IV: 7/1/2
  • Lee Sin: 3/7/4
  • KhaZix: 1/6/0
  • Sejuani: 6/1/8
  • Nocturne: 3/3/11
  • Viego: 1/1/5


  • Taliyah: 1/1/0
  • Ahri: 3/4/3
  • Neeko: 0/5/2
  • Taliyah: 3/1/6
  • Orianna: 02/0/11
  • Neeko: 3/1/6


  • Kaisa: 0/1/1
  • Xayah: 1/3/2
  • Sivir: 2/2/2
  • Sivir: 4/6/5
  • Xayah: March 6, 7
  • Kaisa: 11/0/5


  • Mates: 0/3/2
  • Nautilus: 0/7/3
  • Enlist: 1/5/1
  • Buddy: 0/5/11
  • Buddy: 0/2/15
  • Buddy: 2/1/12

Repercussion of the defeat in the neighborhood

The elimination of LOUD had loads of repercussions on social media. Spectators and even influential figures from the scene had been pissed off and criticized the efficiency of some gamers within the collection.

LS, a famend group analyst, talked about that LOUD’s draft on this collection was one of many worst he has ever seen in worldwide tournaments and criticized Robo and Croc’s efficiency.

In an interview on stage, Ceos, supporter of LOUD, spoke of “hassle” within the collection in opposition to GAM. In an unique interview with Extra Esports, Tinowns opened up concerning the elimination and spoke of nice frustration with the end result. He commented on the workforce’s errors and stated that he had excessive expectations for the match. Try:

Bruno Rodrigues

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