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Sahara Desert TOOB (Safari Ltd.)

Earlier than we start the assessment, I wish to prolong my gratitude in direction of Safari Ltd. for kindly sending alongside this TOOB as a assessment pattern. The TOOB itself will not be but accessible however can be shortly and I hope my assessment helps you determine if this TOOB is an effective match in your assortment. If you want to order this or different Safari Ltd. merchandise be sure to make use of my low cost code GWANGI15 to avoid wasting 15% in your order. The low cost is nice inside the USA for all Safari Ltd. branded merchandise and is lively till September 1st.

The Sahara Desert covers about 25% of the African continent and is the biggest scorching desert on the earth, with an space of three,600,000 sq. miles (9,200,000 km). This immense ecosystem is made up of sand dunes, a few of that are 500’ tall, stone plateaus, sand seas, gravel plains, dry valleys, and sand flats. Flora consists of olive, palm, mastic, acacia, and cypress timber, in addition to grasses, cacti, and different desert hardy vegetation. The typical temperature of the Sahara is about 86 °F (30 °C) however summer time temperatures can attain 117 °F (47 °C). On common, the Sahara solely receives about 3” (76 millimeters) of rainfall per 12 months. The Sahara is an atmosphere of extremes, and but life thrives right here. About 70 species of mammal, 90 species of chook, and 100 species of reptile stay within the Sahara in addition to quite a few invertebrates and even a couple of amphibian species. Right this moment we’re wanting on the Safari Ltd. Sahara Desert TOOB, new for 2022. It’s a pleasant mixture of animals each acquainted and unfamiliar, fastidiously chosen to signify this huge habitat. We’ll first take a look at every of the 9 figures the TOOB has to supply after which assess the TOOB as a complete.

Deathstalker Scorpion (Leiurus quinquestriatus): The deathstalker ranges from North Africa by means of the Center East and into Western India. It is likely one of the most harmful species of scorpion on the earth, however its sting is never deadly for a wholesome grownup. The determine measures about 2” (5 cm) from head to tail which makes it roughly life sized.

This can be a splendidly sculpted little determine with nice consideration to element. I particularly just like the ridged texture alongside the again and the sculpted joints and segments within the legs and tail. The determine is yellow with brown stripes alongside the again, brown painted between the tail segments, and a brown phase simply earlier than the stinger. The eyes are shiny black. Solely a pair different deathstalker figures exist so that is positively one of many highlights of this TOOB for me.

Desert Monitor (Varanus griseus): This species of monitor lizard could be present in North Africa and Central and South Asia. They’re carnivorous and take a variety of vertebrate and invertebrate prey, in addition to eggs. They common about 39” (1 meter) which places this 3” (7.6 cm) determine at about 1/13 in scale.

The determine is introduced striding ahead with the tail is a mild S form and the top wanting rightward. The determine itself in minuscule with a head concerning the measurement of a pencil tip however it packs in loads of effective element. The whole determine is given a scaly texture, particular person claws could be seen on every digit, and a cloaca is even current on the underside. The determine is grey with brown stripes and bands. The eyes are shiny black. That is the one determine marketed as this species that exists, so it represents one other spotlight for me on this TOOB.

Horned Viper (Cerastes cerastes): This can be a venomous species of viper that happens in each North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula the place they’re one of the crucial acquainted species of venomous snake. Their venom might trigger quite a few negative effects together with swelling, hemorrhaging, and necrosis however is never deadly. Horned vipers typically transfer about by sidewinding, they usually’ll rub their keeled scales collectively to supply a rasping sound when threatened. The horned viper reaches a size of 12–24” (30–60 cm). This determine measures 3” however would in all probability be nearer to 4” if stretched out. I’m going to present it a scale of 1/6 for a most sized particular person.

I’m all the time excited for brand spanking new, small scale snake figures and this one is not any exception, so it’s one other spotlight within the TOOB for me. Additionally it is the one determine of this species that exists. The determine is sculpted with effective scalation above and extensive stomach scales under. The pinnacle has the extensive, triangular form of a viper in addition to its namesake pair of horns. The determine is grey with brown markings and the eyes are painted brown too. The colour of this species can differ and sometimes matches the habitat the place a definite inhabitants is discovered.

Ostrich (Struthio camelus): Right here’s one of many extra acquainted animals within the set and one which wants no actual introduction. The ostrich is the biggest species of chook on the earth and a preferred selection amongst toy producers. Ostriches stay in most of Africa, together with a big swath of the Sahara however not its most northernly parts. This determine stands about 2.25” (5.7 cm) however figuring out scale is tough on account of its bent legs and neck. Precise ostriches can measure as much as 9’ (2.7 meters) so I’m going to roughly scale this determine at 1/48.

That is one other exceptionally well-done determine with properly outlined feather element, scales working down the legs, and a tiny pencil tip sized head that doesn’t sacrifice element. It stands on a base, so the legs are decently proportioned, and it gained’t fall over. This ostrich represents a male with its black plumage. The first feathers and tail are white, the top, neck, and legs pink, and the eyes shiny black. The bottom is identical colour because the legs.

Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus): One other acquainted species however a vital addition to this TOOB. Though all of us get excited for the extra distinctive figures these TOOBS embody you will need to have a stability of each acquainted and distinctive species. The cheetah lives in scattered populations all through Africa and Central Iran. A number of sub-species exist, and it’s the Northwest African cheetah (A. j. hecki) that may be discovered within the Sahara. Cheetahs have a head-to-body size of 3-4’ (0.9- 1.2 meters) and this cheetah has a head-to-body size of about 2” (5 cm), placing it at about 1/24 in scale.

This cheetah is appropriately lean, deep chested, and lengthy legged. It’s introduced striding ahead and is detailed with a effective coat of fur and heavy black recognizing. The physique is pale orange and the eyes shiny black. That is one other superbly executed little toy and though the cheetah is a standard animal within the toy market this cat is a welcome addition to the TOOB.

Fennec Fox (Vulpes zerda): Maybe essentially the most iconic animal of the Sahara as a result of it’s a desert specialist solely present in North Africa. The fennec fox is the world’s smallest species of canid and characterised by its giant ears used to dissipate warmth and detect prey. Fennec foxes have a head-to-body size of about 14” (35 cm) and this TOOB determine has a head-to-body size of simply 1” (2.52 cm). This places it at 1/14 in scale.

This fennec fox is each the smallest and cutest animal within the TOOB and due to that I’m completely in love with it. It’s painted a pale sandy brown colour with a darker brown nostril and eyes. The toy is detailed with a brief coat of fur and longer hair on its fluffy tail. As soon as once more, I’m blown away by how properly executed these little TOOB figures are, this one even has tiny toe pads on its ft.

African Wild Canine (Lycaon pictus): The African wild canine lives in small, fragmented populations all through Africa however has solely a really small presence within the Sahara itself. It’s the largest wild canid in Africa. They’re diurnal hunters that stay in complicated social teams they usually hunt a variety of prey from rodents to medium sized antelopes. The African wild canine has a shoulder top as much as 30” (75 cm) and may have a head-to-body size of as much as 44” (112 cm). Utilizing shoulder top on this one I get a scale of 1/24. The determine itself measures 2” (5 cm).

This determine is introduced as tall and lean with giant, outstanding ears, all attribute of the species. The element work is properly achieved and consists of sculpted fur throughout the physique, longer fur across the face and on the tail, and paw pads. The determine is tan in colour with black and white spots, a black face, and black edged ears. I personally would have most well-liked a darker base colour and extra mottling of the colours, however that is nonetheless a effective little consultant of the African wild canine.

Dorcas Gazelle (Gazella dorcas): The following couple of figures are actually particular in that they signify ungulates up to now uncared for by toy firms. Within the case of the Dorcas gazelle, that is the one one. The Dorcas gazelle is a small species that ranges throughout all the Sahara. It has a shoulder top of about 2’ (60 cm) and a head-to-body size of three.5’ (110 cm). This determine measures 2” (5 cm) in size and stands 1.25” on the shoulder. Utilizing shoulder top, I get a scale of 1/19 for this determine.

The determine is introduced alert and striding ahead. It has the lengthy ears and curved horns attribute of the species and is properly detailed with a coat of effective hair and distinct digits on the hooves. The legs are a bit thick, however that is little question to help in stability and stop breakage. The determine has a pale brown physique with a white muzzle that extends over the eyes. The nostril, mouth, and eyes are painted black, and the horns are brown. The underside ought to ideally be white and boarded by a darkish brown stripe alongside the flanks, however we gained’t get too explicit about it, it is a great addition to the TOOB.

Addax (Addax nasomaculatus): Lastly, the addax antelope, one other animal uncommon in determine kind with just one different consultant that I’m conscious of. The addax is a critically endangered species with about 500 people left within the wild. However there are 600 in captivity world wide and hundreds extra in non-public collections and ranches.  The addax stands as much as 45” (115 cm) tall on the shoulder whereas this determine stands about 1” (2.54 cm) on the shoulder and measures 2.5” (6.35 cm) lengthy. That places the determine at 1/45 in scale, utilizing shoulder top.

This determine is introduced striding ahead with the top lifted excessive and tilted again. There is no such thing as a hair element right here and the determine is fully clean, however the precise addax has a really effective coat of hair anyway. The grey horns are spiral formed and properly textured. There’s a fleshy dewlap alongside the neck and the hooves are properly detailed with distinct digits. The addax is also called the white antelope and this determine is, certainly, principally white. There’s a little bit of a pale brown wash on the flanks and a grey spot over the nostril and on the brow. The eyes are shiny black. This determine is one other spotlight within the TOOB for me.

Total, this TOOB is a superb shock from Safari that highlights a various assortment of animals each widespread and obscure, in nature and in popular culture. There’s something right here for everybody, from reptile and invertebrate lovers to ungulate collectors. Safari has come a good distance with these TOOBs and I’m astonished by how a lot the extent of element and realism in these figures has progressed through the years. I additionally love that Safari is making these TOOBs devoted to geographic areas and can’t wait to see what they provide you with subsequent. The Safari Sahara Desert TOOB is new for 2022 and can be accessible for buy shortly.

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